The most popular and well-loved Workshop given at conventions is now available ONLINE with even MORE than the convention workshop! Learn the basics of video game story writing, character design, questing, goals and experience. Developing the protagonist, implementing adult relationships, decisions, and the psychological impacts of story altering decisions.

Includes LIVE workshop, downloadable worksheets, open discussions, and a FREE THANK YOU GIFT mailed to your home! 

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Workshop includes LIVE seminar, downloadable worksheet, and Q&A session.

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Mrs. Mahoney is the Owner /Visionary Director of WeDiscoverGeeks. She attended Hawaii Pacific University for Computer Science and has over 25 years in the Technology and Electronic Entertainment Industry. She is a consultant and advisor for educators, professionals, and parents on utilizing geek edutainment in their classrooms, careers, and life at work, home, or school. Mrs. Mahoney is also a published Author and a Mental Health & Technology Consultant for the Google Health Team.