Video Game Invention


The SteamDragons is a Non-Profit gamification, streaming, and esports divison of TheGeekGrid. Our focus is testing, educating, and training games, apps, and software in the electronics entertainment industry through streaming examples, demos, and educational panels.

First and foremost, our goal is to train and mentor students on proper gaming etiquette, friendliness, behavior, and teamwork.​  In addition to:

  • To spread the mission and importance of THEGEEKGRID 

  • Encourage game development, education, moding, coding, and career decisions not limited to technical paths, such as artwork, music, design, community, marketing and business.

  • Educate the community on game platforms, genres, ESRB, streaming, eSports, and gaming lingo.

  • Assist schools, organizations, camps, and educational facilities in the importance of gamification, esports, and edutainment.

  • To tutor and train students, parents, and educatos about gamification through layman's terms and walkthroughs.

  • Explore and assist in testing all game genres, pre-release, post-release, alpha, beta, and public stress testing.

  • Assist in eliminating game hacking and other development abuse.

  • Educating and training XSplit, OBS, elgato, and other streaming platforms.

  • Mentoring students on game etiquette while working with mental health networks on the positive affects of video games and other electronic entertainment.