Kat Mahoney

Owner/Creative Visionary Director

Kat Mahoney is the Owner & Creative Visionary Director of THEGEEKGRID STUDIOS and Founder of the PA STEAM Fest. She attended Hawaii Pacific University for Computer Science and has over 25+ years as a STEAM & Video Gamification Life Skills "Edutainer", utilizing today's entertainment and technology; such as cosplay, video games, apps, and social media, to help Educators, Parents, and Students creatively enhance life skills, mental health, and career choices. 

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Owner & Executive Director of THEGEEKGRID

Kat Mahoney is the Owner & Executive Director of THEGEEKGRID, a Content Creation, Multimedia Entertainment and Events Firm in Pennsylvania focusing on utilizing technology and  geek entertainment for educational and mental health purposes. Mrs. Mahoney attended Hawaii Pacific University for Computer Science prior to finding a career in web development, then moving into Architectural and Construction Network Administration, Video Game and Innovation Testing. 

She is the Founder and Director of the first and largest S.T.E.A.M & Video Game Festival in Pennsylvania called the PA STEAMFest in partnership with ArtsQuest. The PA STEAM Fest is a new educational concept brought to the valley as a STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art & Makers) and Gamification festival mixed with a Post-Apocalyptic Steampunk background. The mix celebrates educational entertainment, video games, creativity, innovation, and the historical preservation of SteelStacks, the largest steel mill turned arts center.

Mrs. Mahoney is also an avid speaker at several conferences and conventions where she teaches how cosplay, video games, anime, and other geek entertainment can be used to educate in the classroom, mental health, and life skills awareness. Since 2008, she was the previous Founder of a military children’s organization that assisted military families overcoming adversity in mental health, career & life changes, home organization, and children’s clubs and afterschool programs. Having over 40 years in the military lifestyle, she Founded Kids of America's Heroes, a non-profit organization for military families that help connect psychologists and school counselors while providing programs for military children that teach separation, anxiety, and coping tools. The development of the organization and her commitment to the community awarded her Military Spouse of the Quarter, Volunteer of the Year for the Air Force Spouse Club, VIP Speaker at the Governor's Mental Health Conference, VIP Speaker at Lockheed Martin Aerospace and Defense Corporation, and National Military Spouse of the Year 2012 nominee.

Mrs. Mahoney is a mental health technology consultant on the Google Health Team and has written and published over 6 books, including “A Savvy Moms Guide to Parenting Generation Z”, that educates parents on how to co-exist with their kids advanced knowledge in the digital era.

Aside from her professional life, she is a mother of three ages 17, 19, and 20, two of which are high-functioning Autistic, and wife of 28 years to a Flight Engineer and Maintenance Plant Manager. She loves Video Games, Traveling, Cosplay, Star Wars and all things in Science, Technology, Engineering, Art & Making.

LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/katmahoney/