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If you are a school or an educational facility looking to motivate your students into a unique career path from a hobby or interest they already love, TheGeekGrid Studios Geek Academy Program provides Mentorships and Internships through workshops, networking, and hands-on experience.
What We Provide
  • A fun and safe workplace

  • Hands-on workforce experience

  • Creative out-of-the-box thinking

  • A place to share ideas, collaborate, network, and be excited and passionate about future careers

  • All mentors are PA Child Abuse Background Checked annually

  • We have a Mental Health Roundtable Committee made up of Psychologists and Teen Advisors to help with career transitions and a positive workforce

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  • Annual contract with students participating in a minimum of 4 workshops per year of their choice

  • 2 virtual or on-site speaking engagements for educators and parents annually

  • Per student workshop fee

  • Per speaking engagement fee

  • School or Educational Facility must be a member of The Geek Academy Program and display the decal on-site


For more information, please download the flyer or to apply for membership now, please click below and submit the form.

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