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What was, what is, and what's to come in Electronic Entertainment

Sunday February 27th, 2022

11:00 AM - 4:00 PM  

Virtual Sessions

Join "Old School" and "New School" Developers, Educators, and Influencers throughout the world for a virtual event on everything from past, present, and future developments and academics in Electronic Entertainment. 

Are you a student seeking higher education in the fields of Computer Science, Engineering, and/or Electronic Entertainment? Are you a professional seeking a new path in  the industry or a skill to expand on a current career? Are you a gamer or a streamer dabbling in the "next best thing" to help jumpstart your creativity? 

Whatever it is you're seeking in the world of Video Games, Computers, Electronics, Technology, Streaming, or the development of the industry in a whole,  come join us for one day of virtual networking, panels, learning and playing together. 

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DID YOU KNOW Events by TheGeekGrid Studios are short virtual day events focusing on specific S.T.E.A.M topics that are trendy, geeky, educational and entertaining at the same time.

DIDYK 2022

The DIDYK 2022 Event focuses on keeping the "old school" and "new school" electronic entertainment developments working  hand-in-hand with advancements,

education, and passion in the industry.

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Early registration gets you into this virtual session for 50% off at just $5 between now and December 29th! After December 29th tickets are $10 per person.


If you are interested in speaking or demonstrating at our virtual event, please fill out an application and submit it by December 29th 2021.

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