Kat Mahoney

Mrs. Mahoney is the Owner /Visionary Director of TheGeekGrid. She attended Hawaii Pacific University for Computer Science and has over 25 years in the Technology and Electronic Entertainment Industry. She is a consultant and advisor for educators, professionals, and parents on utilizing geek edutainment in their classrooms, careers, and life at work, home, or school. Mrs. Mahoney is also a published Author and a Mental Health & Technology Consultant for the Google Health Team.


Nova Mahoney

Nova is an up and coming young Artist who illustrates and animates original characters, comics, and writes creative story lines. Her passion lies in strange and quirkycharacter designs, comics, anime, and dark story telling. Nova struggles with Autism, Anxiety Disorder, and Social Phobia on a daily basis, but is a teen advocate to help bring awareness to young adults through conventions, anime, and cosplay.

DeClutter Your Creative Mind

It's hard being a "starving artist". Even harder in a "dog eat dog" creative industry like Art, Writing, Music, Technology and Video Games. Hear our story of strength and perseverance, and learn how to cope and overcome your fears, social phobia, and anxiety so that you can let your creative skills shine more and love yourself better. This mother+daughter presentation is exclusively those who are struggling in their creative venture and lack motivation, inspiration, and emotional setbacks. Join us for a discussion in Artwork, Creative Thinking, Mental Health and how to stay motivated and inspired when life throws you a curve.