Playing Video Games



As a SteamDragons Team Member, you are are not limited to simple streaming. We are seeking team members who can specialize in a skill, educate the community, positively inspire enthusiasm in games and learning while performing and engaging an audience in a social atmosphere. Show us what you can do for the team!
  • Must be willing and ready to travel for events and tournaments.

  • Currently we are only accepting applicants from within the United States.

  • Know and understand what our company, THEGEEKGRID is about.

  • Familiarity with game platforms, genres, ESRB, streaming, eSports, and gaming lingo.

  • Good PC, internet connection, and live stream capabilities.

  • Discord required for gameplay and meetings.

  • Ability to talk in layman's terms and explain walkthroughs.

  • Great teamplayer, friendly and patient.

  • Must be an active weekly streamer with an average follower base for positive engagement.

  • Be able to hold workshops, lessons, talk shows, or add other educational value to the company.

  • Experienced with walkthroughs, educational based discussions, and interviews 

  • Must be readily available for mandetory meetings and team streams.

  • TWITCH is our required streaming platform.

  • 18+ only! NO ELITEST!

We are an equal opportunity firm, non-discriminitory, and Veteran friendly. We do not select your application based on Race, Religion, Political Affiliation, or Sexual Orientation, we choose applications based on SKILLS, EXPERIENCE, RESPECT and DEDICATION!

Playing Video Game



The following, terms and conditions apply to ESPORTS Applicants Only. As Esports becomes more recognized in world SPORTS leagues, you will be treated like a sports team and your profound dedication is important.

These terms are NON-NEGOTIABLE!

  • Positive, friendly, and team player personality is FIRST AND FOREMOST! ABSOLUTELY NO ELITESTS!

  • Able to follow directions and take critisizm

  • 4 hrs/week team practice (minimum)

  • 10 hrs/week individual practice (minimum)

  • Must be readily available for physical and virtual events with an ON-CALL schedule

  • Must be comfortable with large crowd speaking engagements

  • Available for teaching, speaking, and mentoring workshops

  • Annual team contract as TheGeekGrid as your agent