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Ready for School
  • Keep it decent! This is a FAMILY-FRIENDLY EVENT! Any attendee wearing an indecent cosplay costume that reveals private parts of the body will be asked to either change or leave the event prior to being accepted into the venue, regardless of whether or not you purchased your tickets beforehand.  Every professional cosplayer knows there are ways to represent a more provocative character with some minor adjustments to fit the environment.  ​

  • Safety & Security. For the safety and protection of our children, you must register every speaker who will be interacting or presenting in from of our audience. Two FREE tickets will be supplied for yourself and a co-host but any more than that will require an entry badge. However, if you are speaking on BOTH DAYS, additional speakers can purchase tickets at a 20% discounted general rate.

  • Workshops and Presentations must be approximately 45-60 minutes and must include an educational appeal. No workshops or demonstrations involving LIVE exotic animals or animals that may pose a threat in any way, shape, or form. No weapons , adult content, or hazzardous materials at all

  • Venue will provide the room, projector, and microphone. Speaker is responsible for providing their own equipment, laptops, internet, storage drives, wire adapters, and workshop materials, If there is a special demonstration that requires specific setup or equipment, please contact us for details.

Applications are now open for Vendor spots. Reserve your spot now!

We are seeking musicians, face painters, magicians, and more! 

Apply to be on a panel or give a geek related presentation or workshop.

Support educational entertainment and the growth of the generation.

Hosted in partnership by Bloomsburg Children's Museum & TheGeekGrid Studios

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