The Bloomsburg Children's Museum and TheGeekGrid have a right to reject or deny entry into the event if the following rules are not upheld. Any inappropriate language, apparel, or gestures (even if in cosplay character) deems immediate removal of said individual(s) without refunds.
  • Keep it decent! This is a FAMILY-FRIENDLY EVENT! Any attendee wearing an indecent cosplay costume that reveals private parts of the body will be asked to either change or leave the event prior to being accepted into the venue, regardless of whether or not you purchased your tickets beforehand.  Every professional cosplayer knows there are ways to represent a more provocative character with some minor adjustments to fit the environment.  ​

  • Safety & Security. For the safety and protection of our children, you must have a booth or have made arrangements with the Staff that you are a Walking Performer (moves throughout the event to entertain) in order to sell your services or solicite tips for photographs or autographs. Any cosplayer (not approved) caught soliciting tips for these services without approval will be escorted out of the event. We do this to protect the younger crowd as we like to know who is exactly interacting with the children and what they are selling.​

  • No Weapons! There are ABSOLUTELY NO REAL weapons allowed on the venue premises. Do not bring anything that can fire a projectile or any metal replica grenades, knives, or swords. You may,  however use foam, paper mache, 3D prints, refurbished Nerf products, woods, or plastics. All weapons must be zip tied and checked by a Cosplay Inspector.

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